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Industry Insights

Show Our Air Traffic Controllers Some Love

Our air traffic controllers are the best at what they do. They manage the busiest airspace in the world, while ensuring millions of passengers arrive safely at their destinations every day. But we could do more to help our controllers. We could provide them with the best technology and allow them to adopt innovative practices […]

The Air Travel Value Proposition

Everyone who’s ever worked in the airline business knows the #1 rule: Safety First. Numerous articles have been written about the fact that we are in the safest period in the history of commercial aviation. The United States has been the leader in that regard, and the outcome is affirmed by data made available each […]

Industry Leaders Convene for 2017 Commercial Aviation Industry Summit

On Sept. 13, Airlines for America hosted its fifth annual Commercial Aviation Industry Summit in Washington, DC. Panelists included industry experts, economic analysts and airline executives, including CEOs from the leading U.S. airlines, to discuss advancements in the industry, economic trends and legislation vital to continuing the airline industry’s tradition of safety and efficiency. To […]

Airlines Take Girl Power to New Heights

On Saturday, Sept. 23, the aviation community celebrates Girls in Aviation Day, dedicated to all the future female leaders in the airline industry. Women are vital to the continued success of aviation, and thanks to support from our member airlines, girls around the globe will have the chance to explore their dreams and connect with […]

What to Expect at the 2017 Commercial Aviation Industry Summit

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, Airlines for America will welcome aviation professionals and industry leaders from around the country to Washington, DC for the 2017 Commercial Aviation Industry Summit. The afternoon will include robust discussion on topics currently affecting the airline industry, including air traffic control reform, innovation and aviation’s role in the global marketplace. The […]

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