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U.S. Airlines Celebrate Black History Month

Every February, Americans celebrate Black History Month, reflecting on the achievements of African Americans throughout history. The US Airlines are proud to join in this celebration, highlighting the countless accomplishments of African American trailblazers. Continue reading for just a few of the many amazing stories from these pioneers of aviation and join A4A and our […]

The Nature and Status of U.S. Airline Competition – Beyond the “80 Percent” Rhetoric

It’s hard to read a story about the U.S. airline industry these days without seeing an assertion that the four largest carriers “control” 80 percent of the domestic market. It is commonplace to throw around big numbers without context or deeper analysis to create a visceral reaction. It sounds bad, right? But what does that […]

Influencing the Next Generation of Aviation Maintenance Technicians

Did you know that the New York City’s Aviation High School and Vaughn College together graduate more than 20 percent of the U.S. supply of new Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs)? That was one of the fun facts that came from A4A’s second AMT Career Forum held last month at JetBlue headquarters in Long Island City. […]

U.S. Airlines Take a Look Back for Aviation History Month

Since the Wright Brothers changed the world with the debut of the airplane in 1903, a lot has changed. From iPhones, online shopping and television, the pioneers of aviation could have never imagined the advancements and conveniences we’d enjoy in just over 100 years. And as time and technology have advanced, so has the airline […]

Show Our Air Traffic Controllers Some Love

Our air traffic controllers are the best at what they do. They manage the busiest airspace in the world, while ensuring millions of passengers arrive safely at their destinations every day. But we could do more to help our controllers. We could provide them with the best technology and allow them to adopt innovative practices […]

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