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The Aviation Industry Empowers America

Around the world, U.S. passenger and cargo airlines directly employ hundreds of thousands of people with high-quality careers – and the vast majority of those positions are based right here in America. A 2016 analysis by the Federal Aviation Administration showed that airlines and their customers, along with airports, manufacturers and suppliers, ultimately supported more […]

A4A Executive Recognized as a Leader in Bioenergy

The U.S. airlines are eco-friendly drivers of the economy—and getting greener every day. For example, airlines have improved fuel efficiency by 120 percent and reduced aircraft noise exposures by 95 percent since the mid-1970s, while more than tripling enplanements. Environmental excellence and sustainability are a vital part of the U.S. airlines’ business model and environmental experts within our industry […]

Power to the Passenger

Can you imagine going to the movie theater and only being able to buy a ticket that included the price of large popcorn and a drink, even if you hated popcorn? Or maybe going out to dinner, only to receive the bill and find out that you were charged for dessert, even though you didn’t […]

Modern Reform for the Modern World

It’s 2017, and with the New Year comes a new Congress and President, with new priorities and infrastructure needs frequently cited among them. During a recent interview with Politico Pro, Nick Calio, President and CEO of Airlines for America, stressed that an infrastructure bill needs to include air traffic control reform—a vital system that helps […]

U.S. Airlines are ‘Thinking Long Term’ to the Benefit of Customers, Employees

Doug Parker, Chairman and CEO of American Airlines, appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box CEO Call, where he addressed the importance of investing in the future of airlines and operating sustainable businesses that benefit customers and employees just as much as shareholders. “The old business wasn’t good for consumers. It may have felt good at times […]

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