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Experts Agree: The Future of U.S. Airlines is Promising

At our recent “The Future of Flight,” summit, Airlines for America partnered with The Hill newspaper to bring together experts, policymakers and stakeholders to talk about the airline industry and what we can expect to see in the future.

It was a great event, but we recognize that not everyone could join us in person. Others may simply want to relive some of the better parts of summit.

The following are a handful of clips from one of our favorite panels of the day  – “The View from Wall Street”. The panel brought together three financial heavyweights who are uniquely qualified to discuss the financial strengths of the airline industry

Moderator Phil LeBeau covers the airline industry for CNBC, the recognized world leader in business news and real-time financial market coverage.
Andrew Davis is an Investment Analyst and Associate Director of Equity Research with T. Rowe Price. T. Rowe Price owns more shares of airlines than any other investment company, and Andrew controls all of them. He’s a big believer in airlines, not to mention what they’ve done to return to profitability and deliver strong returns for their shareholders.
Hunter Keay is a Senior Analyst for Wolfe Research who specializes in Airlines, Aerospace and Defense. Hunter is a sell side analyst, meaning that he advises investors to purchase stocks.  As you will hear, Hunter is quite bullish about airlines and where they’re heading.

The panel covered just about everything, ranging from the financial strengths of the airline industry to putting financial information on cocktail napkins.  In short, the discussion was lively, entertaining and informative. Here are a few highlights:

Important to remember, airlines are a business:

As publicly traded companies, airlines have fiduciary responsibility to shareholders:

Customers are only paying for what they want:

Airlines will continue to make investments into customer service:

Customers like the idea of paying for what they use:

The U.S. airline industry is unbelievably safe:

Airlines are reinvesting back in their product:

Businesses pay dividends, buy back stock, creating value over time:


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