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U.S. Airlines Take to the Snowy Skies This Winter

Through the holiday season rush, multiple snowstorms and plummeting temperatures, U.S. Airlines have been working nonstop to get passengers and packages to their destinations around the world. Take a look at the highlights below for a glimpse at our members’ winter adventures and what’s yet to come this snowy season! Alaska Airlines #iFlyAlaska adventure: Alyeska […]

Member Monday

Our member airlines work hard every day to provide high-quality customer service, delivering passengers and packages safely to their destinations. Through the transfer of people and goods, U.S. airlines connect us to cultures and traditions across the world, truly making it a smaller place. While as passengers we may not always be witness to their […]

The Nature and Status of U.S. Airline Competition – Beyond the “80 Percent” Rhetoric

It’s hard to read a story about the U.S. airline industry these days without seeing an assertion that the four largest carriers “control” 80 percent of the domestic market. It is commonplace to throw around big numbers without context or deeper analysis to create a visceral reaction. It sounds bad, right? But what does that […]