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Saving Over $60 Million Annually - A Win for Airline Passengers

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Flying Greener – On Earth Day and Every Day

Did you know the U.S. airlines improved their fuel efficiency by 120% between 1978-2013? That has saved 3.6 billion metric tons of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to taking 22 million cars off the road each year! And they did this while carrying nearly 290% more traffic. That’s why the U.S. airlines account for only […]

Air Travel Exports Reach All-Time High in 2014

Did you know that your job could be one that is supported by the U.S. airline industry? Commercial aviation helps drive more than 11 million American jobs, especially those in the travel and tourism industry. For every 100 airline jobs, an estimated 473 are supported outside of the airline industry both directly and indirectly, including […]

For Travelers, Every Day is Tax Day

This week, millions of Americans will file their taxes and send their checks off to the IRS, but for air travelers, every day is tax day. The aviation industry and its passengers pay 17 different federal taxes and fees – all of which totaled more than $20 billion last year. On a typical $300 domestic […]

Day in the Life of a Frequent Flier

Zander Ross, a flight attendant for American, has developed a solid fitness routine that helps him stay in shape and reduces stress while he spends nearly 20 days out of each month flying around the world for his job. Airline crew members are not the only frequent fliers out there. Many of you have jobs […]

How Flowers Get From Field to Florist

Many people typically think of Valentine’s Day as the big flower holiday, but after this long winter, we are looking forward to seeing the Easter lily! You may not realize that the airline industry plays a role in bringing everyday items directly within our reach, like the Easter lily and other seasonal flowers. Each day U.S airlines move nearly 50,000 tons of cargo, making life easier for […]

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