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The Airport Tax – A Crisis of Invented Proportions

Lonely Planet: Travel as Life, Not Luxury

Advice for Traveling with Kids

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One Activity for #AvGeek Kids This Summer

School is out for summer and that means you are probably looking for a fun activity to entertain your #AvGeek kids! Here’s a take on the classic paper airplane that will require a little insp-air-ation! Have your children follow the steps below to enter the “Design Your Own Airline” contest. Print out A4A’s “Design Your […]

How to Prepare for a Weather Delay

Sometimes in looking out the window at a beautiful, clear blue sky, it is difficult to understand why our flight is delayed “due to weather.” As passengers, we are usually focused on our final destination – a reunion, business meeting, wedding or other special event – and don’t always think about the many ways in […]

Airports are Fighting for the 4 Percent

U.S. airports are fighting for you … provided you are one of the 4 percent of American voters who think taxes should be increased. Earlier this year Gallup conducted a survey and found that only 4 percent of respondents wanted their taxes to go up, and airports are happy to give those people exactly what […]

5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

For a frequent traveler, staying in shape and reducing stress can be a challenge. We asked you to send us travel tips for maintaining your physical and mental health while on the go. Here are the basic trends we saw in your responses – five easy rules to follow! Drink plenty of water before, during […]

Claims About Airline Bags Don’t Carry Their Weight

There are many false claims made about the U.S. airline industry, and every so often it is important to set the record straight. Let’s correct the assertion that airlines are not taxed on the bag fees they collect. The problem is this claim just isn’t true. With this year’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill […]

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